When There is No Doctor!

When there is no doctor

For the past three decades or so, I’ve been practicing as a veterinarian. Early in my career I discovered the powerful healing benefits of medicinal plants. Herbs have been a part of my daily practice ever since. I’ve used them for treating gunshot wounds, rattlesnake bites, gangrene, kidney stones, anxiety, serious infections, and about every […]

Herbs To The Rescue…Again

artemisia annua homegrown herbalist

Sir Isaac Newton, the famous physicist that discovered and quantified the law of gravity, codified the laws of thermodynamics, motion, mechanics and astronomy and (when he got bored with all of that) invented the reflective telescope and created the mathematical system of calculus, described himself as follows:  “I do not know what I may appear […]

What The Mutant-Biker-Zombies (…and politicians) Can Never Steal!

More than ever before, people are realizing that things can change. Recent events have shown the fragility of our normal lifestyle of ease and abundance. Historically, people have often taken measures to prepare for difficult times. Whether that preparation involves a few extra cases of canned goods in the pantry or a completely-stocked, bug-out bunker buried […]

Reactive Vs. Proactive: The Philosophical Dichotomy of Health Care

A few months ago I wrote a blog article called The Turf War and Idealogical Tribalism. It expressed my thoughts on the importance and value of both modern medicine and traditional medicine and how both sides would do well to be more open minded and cooperative. I mention this to emphasize that my intent in expressing the […]

The Other Shoe & Herbal Preparedness – CoronaVirus

  So, the United States (along with the rest of the world) has been under quarantine for several weeks. In some areas, infection rate curves for COVID-19, our fancy new coronavirus are flattening out a bit. That’s good. In other areas, they continue to climb. The intent of this national quarantine was, so far as […]

Some Major Herb Companies Are Not Taking Orders!

As one might expect, the Covid-19 coronavirus has people concerned and very interested in herbs that can stimulate immunity or fight the virus directly. As a result, the demand for herbal medicines and other natural health supplements has been historically high in recent weeks. Many of our nation’s premier herb importers and distribution companies are no […]