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Drugs Or Herbs? Which Rascal Should You Take & Why?

drugs or herbs, which should you take and why

Having this herbal and naturopathic experience and a veterinary degree, and also having a state board of pharmacy license and a DEA license and a veterinary license and all the other fancy pieces of paper that say I can poke pills and needles into dogs and other critters, has given me unique opportunities and choices that most healers don’t have. Basically, when a sick dog comes to see me, I can use whatever the heck I want to use in its treatment. As a result, I’ve had the opportunity to use herbs to treat everything from the common cold to gunshot wounds, rattlesnake bites, and gangrene. Over the years, I’ve used medications to treat those things as well. So, after a few decades of anecdotal research in my own practices, my opinions have developed pretty strongly on what works best for what.

Fallacies of Herbal Skeptics: The Real Reasons Herbs Don’t Work

alternative medicine stethoscope lemonbalm

As an herbalist, I occasionally come across a person that has no faith in the efficacy of herbal medicines. Some are of that opinion because they simply have no information or experience with herbs. Others have had experience and been unsuccessful. I’ve found some common threads among folks that don’t believe in herbal medicine. Here […]

[UPDATE] It Ain’t Brain Surgery…Well, Unless It’s Brain Surgery.

cracked glasses

Update: (02/18/2021 – 9AM) Hey Folks, We wanted to give you all a quick update on dad. The surgery went very well. It was long (nearly 9 hours), but successful. He is still in the ICU for recovery and observation and probably won’t be released until Saturday or Sunday. So far, he has passed all […]

2021 – The Time Is NOW To Start Learning Herbal Medicine!

2021 fireworks

Phew! 2020 is over. This has been a difficult year for many on some levels and our hearts go out to folks who have suffered personal loss or financial difficulty due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. For us, here at HomeGrown Herbalist, it’s been an educational year. We have long expounded on the benefits of […]

Feeling Lousy? Feel Better!


Within the armamentarium of herbal wonderments available to help with life’s ills are many herbs that stimulate immunity, many that inhibit or kill bacteria and even some that directly interfere with viral attachment to cells and with virus replication. But when I feel sick there is one herb, an herb which does none of those wonderful things, to which I always turn. Rehmannia.