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Herbal Research: Can You Believe What You Read?

Hey folks! Dr. Patrick Jones here from the Homegrown Herbalist School of Botanical Medicine, and today, we’re going to dive into the fascinating world of herbal research! My path towards becoming an herbalist is far from conventional. Originally, I had planned to pursue a PhD and a career in research. All through college and during […]

Black Pepper: An Amazing Medicine That’s Nothing To Sneeze At!

Hi Folks! I’d like to introduce you to my good herbal frien–oh…you’ve already met? I guess I’m not surprised… Everybody knows black pepper!  But did you know that it is more than a kitchen spice? Black pepper is also a potent medicinal herb! Yup, black pepper’s herbal prowess is nothing to sneeze at (unless you […]

First Aid Kits Are A Pig In A Poke. Let’s Let The Cat Out Of The Bag!

Whether you’re a dedicated prepper, an avid hunter, or a parent trying to keep your kids safe, it’s important to have a first aid kit that allows you to respond quickly and with confidence. I’ve spent a lot of my life elbow deep in high intensity medical emergencies. I’m here to tell you that if […]

Walking In A Winter Wonderland & Coughing Our Brains Out!

coughing in a winter wonderland new blog post by doc jones

Walking In A Winter Wonderland…The 2022 Version ♪♪ Sneezes ring. Are ya listenin’? ♪♪♪ On our sleeves, goobers glistenin’! ♪♪♪ It’s cold in the yard… ♪♪♪ We’re sneezin’ real hard ♪♪♪ And Coughin’ in a winter wonderland. ♪♪♪♪ Gone away is the summer. ♪♪♪ Now we’re sick. It’s a bummer. ♪♪♪ But hey, don’t dismay […]

Herbs Are Snake Oil! And That’s a Good Thing!

secrets of healing echinacea

Have you ever heard herbs referred to as “Snake Oil”? It’s a pejorative used by those who don’t think herbs have medicinal benefits. Whenever I hear someone call herbs “Snake Oil” I smile and say “Thanks. I’m glad to see you’re a believer in their benefits.” You see one of the saddest things about those […]

The Russians Are Coming! How To Manage Comfrey The Smart Way!

If I could only have three herbs in my life, comfrey would be on that list. I’ve used it constantly for many years in my veterinary and naturopathy practices. Its name comes from the Old Anglo-French word cumfirie To Heal. And what a healer it is! Over the years as a veterinarian and naturopath, I’ve […]

Giant Turkish Plantain: More Medicinal Herb For The Money!

I love going to greenhouses and garden centers. There’s something about stepping into a building full of plants that fills my soul with delight. The diversity of colors and forms is amazing. It’s also remarkable to see how many different cultivars and variants botanists have come up with through selective breeding. Gregor Mendel would be […]