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Are You Dumb On Purpose? Porcupines, Skunks and HoHos.

Charlie is a young boxer. He had a busy morning last week running around his owner’s farm. First he ran through some wonderful mud. Then he popped over to the neighbor’s fence line to bark at their dogs for a minute so that they would remember to stay out of his yard. While he was […]

Juno’s Story: A Wound Healing Case Using Herbal Tea Spray Instead of Poultices

By Dr. Patrick Jones Juno is a little American Eskimo. Her favorite part of the day is when “Dad” comes home. In her enthusiasm to greet him one day, she didn’t wait for the car to stop in the driveway and got trapped beneath a wheel. Juno was rushed to the vet and x-rays showed her […]

The Cat, The Car & The Little Brown Bottle

Warning! This Article Contains Graphic Wound Images. Viewer Discretion Is Advised. Meet Reggie. He’s one of those cats you just have to love. He’s a neutered male about three years old. He has a really great, laid back personality. He lives out in the country in a nice little house with several of his employees. […]

Wound Widgets & Wonderments

As an herbalist I have, on a regular basis, the opportunity to do something most herbalists don’t get to do. That is, applying herbs to the management of serious wounds. I started managing wounds with herbs many years ago in my veterinary practice and have since shared the things I’ve learned with hundreds of clients that have used […]

Squirrel! The Secret to Rapid Wound Healing

Before we start, I want to advise you that there are some graphic wound images in this article that may be disturbing to sensitive souls. If you are a sensitive soul, please cover your eyes while reading this. :0) Over the years I’ve worked on hundreds of wound cases in the veterinary clinic and in conjunction […]

Head Wound Case: Herbal Healing of Tissue Defects

By Patrick Jones, DVM Warning: Contains graphic images of wound healing. But they get better. 🙂 I received an email from a gentleman in Februrary. He had seen my post about Miracle Max and wanted to know if I could help his wife. We’ll call her Jane. Jane had had a mass removed from the […]