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Tis The Season to Be…Sick. Understanding Herbal Interventions For Respiratory Illnesses.

As we gear up for the holidays, we spend a lot of time and money shopping for presents and stocking stuffers for the folks we love. We put out decorations; wreaths on the door, trees in the living room, and tinsel everywhere. We do all of these things so that we can be ready for […]

Anxiety, Stress & Insomnia: The Hallmarks of American Democracy.

Well, it’s that time again. The time that everyone in the country starts awake in the middle of the night in a cold sweat asking… “Yikes! What if THAT guy wins?! Yes, it’s a stressful question regardless of which side of the political football stadium you’re sitting in. We sit in the bleachers of that […]

Are You Dumb On Purpose? Porcupines, Skunks and HoHos.

Charlie is a young boxer. He had a busy morning last week running around his owner’s farm. First he ran through some wonderful mud. Then he popped over to the neighbor’s fence line to bark at their dogs for a minute so that they would remember to stay out of his yard. While he was […]

Got Weeds? Lucky You!!

    Spring has sprung and folks are venturing from their homes after their cozy Covid quarantines to explore their yards and see what’s up. And what is it that’s up? Weeds! That’s right, our yards and gardens are burgeoning with weeds at every turn, dandelions, mallow, purslane…well the purslane isn’t burgeoning yet but I’m betting […]

What The Mutant-Biker-Zombies (…and politicians) Can Never Steal!

More than ever before, people are realizing that things can change. Recent events have shown the fragility of our normal lifestyle of ease and abundance. Historically, people have often taken measures to prepare for difficult times. Whether that preparation involves a few extra cases of canned goods in the pantry or a completely-stocked, bug-out bunker buried […]

Reactive Vs. Proactive: The Philosophical Dichotomy of Health Care

A few months ago I wrote a blog article called The Turf War and Idealogical Tribalism. It expressed my thoughts on the importance and value of both modern medicine and traditional medicine and how both sides would do well to be more open minded and cooperative. I mention this to emphasize that my intent in expressing the […]