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Homegrown Herbalist’s affiliate program is geared to help bring awareness to our online school, and we want to partner with experts in the field such as yourself. Your unique reach, with your blogs, websites, and client lists, would be extremely efficient at finding potential students and other folks who want to expand their herbal education!

We want this to work as simply as possible for you. We will generate a unique affiliate link for you to use on your site or for your friends, and provide several banners/graphics you can use as you like.  Any person that uses your link to enroll will earn you a percentage of the total sale! To start us off , we are currently offering 20% commission on our online school, and 5% on all of our other products!

Doctor Jones has been operating the HomeGrown Herbalist School of Botanical Medicine for over a decade and has been a practicing Herbalist for twice as long.

Our goal is to bring as many people into the world of herbalism as possible. We believe that it is our responsibility to share and propagate the skills, values, and benefits of a holistic lifestyle, lest it be lost forever.

There are many aspects of our curriculum that make us unique. Because of his veterinary credentials, Dr. Jones is regularly able to treat cases that most herbalists would not have within the normal scope of their practice. Gangrene, rattlesnake bites, gunshot wounds, poisonings, massive hemorrhage, shock, brain trauma, sepsis and countless other conditions have been part of Dr. Jones’ daily herbal practice for decades. Dr. Jones has literally seen miracles with medicinal plants in his veterinary practice and has used his extensive experience to help his human clients as well.

As a result our program differs significantly from the typical online herb school. There is nothing “theoretical” or “historical” about the curriculum of the HomeGrown Herbalist School. The lessons and principles taught are the result of years of real clinical practice “in the trenches”. This is not “cut and paste” herbalism or the regurgitation of ideas read in books written by folks that read things in other books. This is real, practical, functional herbal medicine.

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