Christmas Essentials – Herbs and Oils of the Bible

6 thoughts on “Christmas Essentials – Herbs and Oils of the Bible

  1. Cindy Fox says:

    Thank you Doc Jones and Jed Adamson.
    This is so informative and helpful.
    It’s so important to not lose the use of herbs and oils.
    I really appreciate both of you having such a refreshing
    sense of humor.
    I’m on a very limited income but rather than pay a copay for medicine for myself
    and my animals, I save if needed and use essential oils and plants.
    Thank you both again.

  2. Deborah Egg says:

    I am always overwhelmed and awed by the graciousness of our Lord and Savior for giving us these wonderful herbs and oils to use. What love!!! Thank you so much for bringing this all to light again!!

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