Mama Mia! Herbs For Moms Are Amazing!

mama mia herbs for mothers on mothers day

As an herbalist, I’ve always been amazed at how many of our wonderful medicinal plants have specific applications for women. It’s almost as if God knew that the ladies would be doing lots more than their share in this project and put some wonderful green things in place to lighten some of their load. I’ve also noticed that women tend to be more sensitive to certain medical conditions than men and, sure enough, there are countless herbs to help with those problems.

Stress & Fatigue

One of the common things I see in my female clients is stress and fatigue. They are often burning the candle at both ends; running kids to activities, managing the house, working a job, trying to get the kids to eat broccoli, and other difficult tasks. Oat straw is a wonderful plant for nourishing and calming the nerves without being sedating. It’s the best thing in the world for women whose lives are too full of things that need their attention. The General Stress Formula is a good choice for double-end candle burners as well. In fact, we have a nice General Stress Kit that covers those bases.

Some women live a life that is so demanding and stressful that they actually start having some adrenal fatigue. This comes from living in a constant state of “fight or flight” even though the “fight” is with a deadline and the “flight” is from a traffic jam. The adrenal glands can’t tell the difference between those sorts of stresses and the lions that used to chase us in the good old days. Adrenal glands don’t get out much and have a lousy view of what’s actually going on in the outside world. So if they detect a little stress, they pump out the adrenaline so we can get away from the problem. Chronic over-exertion of these poor little guys wears them out and we end up with low energy, foggy thoughts, and other symptoms. The herbs in the Adrenal Support Formula can be really helpful. The Rezzimax Tuner can help as well. It helps to reset the nervous system to a happy, calm parasympathetic state instead of the crazy “fight or flight” state of the sympathetic nervous system. I recently did a webinar on the Rezzimax Tuner. Go have a look Here.

Then of course there are the ladies that are worn out just because they aren’t getting enough sleep. Some are so busy during the day that they can’t unwind and relax at bedtime. There are some wonderful herbs for that as well. My Rest Easy formula has Valerian, chamomile, and skullcap all of which are great for insomnia. Just take a dose half an hour before bedtime and stay away from any computers, phones, TV sets, or other things that stimulate your brain for an hour before bed and you’ll sleep better.

And, if you need to wake up and have a little energy during the day, try the Memory & Alertness formula. It contains Gingko which improves blood flow to the brain and ginseng and ashwagandha which wake the rascal up. It also contains sage which improves memory. The whole formula improves mental sharpness and keeps you awake.

Candida & Cleansing

Candida is an issue for lots of women as well. Candida is a little yeast organism that is a normal inhabitant of the body. It lives on the skin and in the gut. Excess stress, sugars, and antibiotic use can create significant imbalances in the good-guy bacteria that compete with Candida and keep it in its place. This allows Candida to start running the show and causing problems. There are a number of herbs that can help to put Candida back in its place. Many of them are in the Candida Formula. It’s also a good idea to feed the good guy bacteria at the same time with the Pre-Biotic Formula. And, while you’re at it, stop eating simple sugars and carbs while you’re fighting the Candida. The formula comes with some special dietary recommendations that will put Candida on the ropes. The Candida formula is also a part of our Herbal Cleanse Kit. I recommend cleansing every spring and fall.

Menopause & Osteoporosis

The transition from the reproductive phase of their life to the next chapter can be difficult for some women. There are significant hormonal changes that take place and sometimes the body has a little trouble dancing to the new tune being played by the endocrine system. The principal difference is a much lower level of estrogen. This can result in hot flashes, headaches, mood swings, insomnia, and even osteoporosis.

Calming nervines like valerian hops and passionflower can help with insomnia and irritability. Oat straw can also help to calm frazzled nerves and helps with vaginal dryness. Plants containing phytoestrogens like red clover, soy, and black cohosh can decrease hot flashes and improve symptoms generally. Chaste tree berry can help with hot flashes as well. Motherwort is good for menopausal anxiety and heart palpitations. Sage can help with night sweats and sweating associated with hot flashes. Our Menopause-HF Formula is a great tool for many ladies going through this natural transition and can take the edge off some of the symptoms. If osteoporosis is an issue the Strong Bones Formula is a good idea too.

There are lots of other herbs that can really be a blessing to women. I’ll cover them in some future articles. In the meantime, have a look at these: Herbs for Women. We also have some Pregnancy & Lactation Formulas.

In celebration of women, we are having a Mother’s Day Sale. Motherhood is a glorious calling that uses the remarkable intuition, compassion, and dedication that are so common in the female sex. I have known some amazing mothers who have never born a child. Some adopted children, and for some that was not an option. Even for those who have no children at all, those remarkable gifts of womanhood and motherhood are used to bless the lives of others. A woman can be a remarkable teacher, friend, aunt, or neighbor and use and develop those same talents and abilities. So, I wish ALL of you beautiful sisters a happy Mother’s Day and salute you for the kindness and care you so freely give to bless the lives of others. Whether those you touch are your own children or if they are just God’s children you are still a remarkable, life-changing influence and blessing to many.

With Love,

Doc Jones

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2 thoughts on “Mama Mia! Herbs For Moms Are Amazing!

  1. Michele Nutter says:

    Your article made me cry happy tears. I think I may need some ‘burning the candle at both ends” and “a deadline is chasing me-adrenaline” herbs. God bless and early Happy Mother’s Day to Mrs. Doc and the other ladies in your life.

    • Dr. Patrick Jones says:

      I’m am constantly amazed at the good that women do in this world. I’m not at all surprised that God provided some extra herbal goodies to get them through their busy lives. :0)

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