Personal Consultation

  • $ 88.00

Personal Wellness Issues:

Personal consultations with Dr. Jones are available by appointment. When this item is purchased, Dr. Jones will contact you to set up an appointment. Dr. Jones is a clinical herbalist, traditional naturopath and licensed veterinarian.

Consultations can be provided for either veterinary or human cases and can be conducted in person or by phone.

This fee covers a personal consultation of up to one hour. Follow-up visits will incur further charges. Any herbs or products recommended during the consultation are not covered by this fee and will need to be purchased separately.

Purchasing this item constitutes the buyer's understanding that Dr. Jones is not a physician and that any discussion of health-related issues that may occur during this or any consultation does not constitute a physician-patient relationship between Dr. Jones and any other participants and that any information shared is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Purchasing this item also affirms that the purchaser agrees that no advice should be implemented and no supplements including herbs should be taken without consulting your physician.