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Dr. Patrick Jones, founder of the HomeGrown Herbalist School of Botanical Medicine has been a practicing veterinarian for over 25 years. He is also a clinical herbalist. For years he has seen the power of herbs bless the lives of his veterinary patients as well as his human clients. Because of his veterinary credentials, Dr. Jones is regularly able to treat cases that most herbalists would not have within the normal scope of their practice. Gangrene, rattlesnake bites, gunshot wounds, poisonings, massive hemorrhage, shock, brain trauma, sepsis and countless other conditions have been part of Dr. Jones' herbal practice as a matter of course. Dr. Jones has literally seen miracles with medicinal plants and has used his extensive experience to help his human clients for many years.

As a result, there is nothing "theoretical" or "historical" about the curriculum of the HomeGrown Herbalist School. The lessons and principles taught are the result of years of clinical practice "in the trenches". This is not "cut and paste" herbalism or the regurgitation of ideas read in books written by folks that read things in other books. This is real, practical, functional herbal medicine. 


The HomeGrown Herbalist School curriculum is based on a solid understanding of anatomy, physiology and the process of disease. Only by understanding these fundamentals can we really build a foundation of healing. Add to that a deep understanding of how and why the plants do what they do to the body (rather than merely memorizing long lists of their various actions) and you have, at the end of the program, a student that is truly prepared to practice as a clinical herbalist. 

Because of his veterinary experience, Dr. Jones also teaches the veterinary applications of herbal remedies throughout the course.


Though all of the coursework can be completed online, there are also hands-on workshops, herb walks and masters' seminars to ensure that each student receives true mentoring in the art and practice of herbal medicine. The workshops are also videotaped so that even those that can't attend in person can benefit from the course. These workshops and seminars are put on at various times throughout the year at various locations to facilitate attendance.  Each online learning module also has an assessment quiz to reinforce your learning. Some lessons also include assignments that are reviewed by the instructor individually with each student. A students-only forum is also available for individual and group discussions with Dr. Jones and other students.

The fundamental principle of The HomeGrown Herbalist philosophy is that our strongest botanical relationships in healing need to be rooted in our own local soil. Heavy emphasis is placed on plants that are easily grown or abundantly available in the wild. Learning to cultivate, locate, identify, harvest and process these local medicinal plants is an important part of being a self-reliant, successful clinical herbalist. 

Learning modules and workshop/seminar experiences can be purchased singly or all at once (at considerable savings). Students work at their own pace as life allows with no deadlines or timetables. The cost of the program is a fraction of that of many comparable programs and we are confident that the content is unsurpassed in the industry. Further, because we believe that motivation is reinforced by unity, married spouses may fully participate in the program free of charge! Financial arrangements can be made for even the most modest budget. Contact Dr. Jones if you need to set up a payment schedule. 


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