Ammo Can Herb Kit, Small - 20 (1 oz) Tinctures, 4 Powders

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An excellent kit for travel or herbal emergencies. All the formulas were formulated by Dr. Patrick Jones. Formulas and Tinctures were made by HomeGrown! Herbalist staff.

Includes laminated instructions on how to use all tinctures and powders.

Buying the elements separately would be quite expensive. These are priced to cover our costs and get them into people's hands. :)

Customize your own kit:


This kit can be customized to your particular needs or desires. Change up to 2 of the Dry Herb Powders and up to 5 Tinctures that are listed on the site and send us a separate email detailing the changes you want to make. This option does not include any consultation. If you'd like to have the assistance of a personal consultation to customize your herb kit Click Here.

The Standard Kit Contains the Following 20 (1 oz) Tinctures & 2 large and 2 small Powders:

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Bladder - INFXN: Normal urine is sterile and contains no bacteria. This formula is a combination of plants that supports normal function of the urinary bladder in storing and passing clean urine.

Bone/Tissue/Cartilage: The body constantly repairs and replaces tissue through normal cell division and tissue growth. This formula is a combination of plants that support the normal cell division and growth of skin, bones, cartilage and other tissues.

Candida: Candida albicans is a normal inhabitant of a healthy gut. This formula supports normal Candida levels in the body.

Cayenne: Shock, heart attack, bleeding, high or low blood pressure, sinus and bronchial congestion.

Cold Away: This formula supports the body's immune system during times of cold.

Colon - Dire Era: One of the principle functions of the colon is to re-absorb excess fluid from the stools before passing them. This formula supports the colon's normal function of producing firm, solid stools.

Digestive: This formula is a combination of plants that supports the body's digestive system.

Female - Cramp Bark Plus: Normal menses is not a debilitating event. This formula contains  cramp bark and other plants that support the normal, cyclic functions of the female reproductive system during menstruation.

Recommended Use: Menstrual cramps (1 tsp in juice or as a tea every 20 minutes as needed for pain. Do not exceed 6 doses per day). THIS FORMULA SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN DURING PREGNANCY.

Histamine: Histamines serve an important role in protecting the body from disease and allergens. The body has various mechanisms for keeping histamines from dropping too low (which may lead to infections) or from going too high (which may cause allergy symptoms). This formula supports the body's normal mechanisms for keeping histamines at normal levels.

Immunity: This formula is a combination of plants that support normal, healthy immune system function.

INFXN - BugBuster: In the normal body, beneficial bacteria are supported and bad bacteria are eliminated. This formula supports the body's management of bacterial populations.

INFXN - Fungal Topical: Healthy skin is a natural barrier to pathogens like ringworm and athlete’s foot. This is a formula that can be used topically to support normal skin function. Caution: May stain clothing.

INFXN - Shoo Floo...Going Viral: This formula has become so popular that it's "Going Viral!" If you feel like "Going Viral", you could take some too! It contains herbs that support the body's normal response to virus contact.

Joint: This formula is a combination of plants that support normal, healthy joint movement and function. 

Kidney - NoStonz: The flow of urine in the normal urinary tract is not obstructed by stones of any kind. This formula is a combination of plants that support normal, healthy kidney function and normal, unobstructed urine flow through the ureters and urethra.

Liver: This formula is a combination of plants that support normal liver function.

Memory & Alertness: This formula supports memory and mental alertness.

Muscles - NoMoSpazms: This formula helps the muscles to remain in a normal, flexible, supple state. 

Respiratory Combo: This formula combines the following three formulas into one convenient formula: Respiratory - COF, Respiratory - EXP, Respriatory - Cytokine Balance.

Rest Easy : This formula is a blend of herbs that support the body's normal transition to rest and sleep.


Bleeding: The body has myriad mechanisms to maintain vascular integrity and prevent and stop bleeding. This formula supports the body's normal processes for maintaining normal vascular integrity.

Colon - Constant Patience: The normal function of the colon is to move stools out of the body in a regular rate. This formula is a combination of plants that support the colon's natural function of producing normal, regular bowel movements.

Poultice: This formula is a blend of herbs well suited to external use.

Venom & Sting: This formula is a combination of plants that support normal, healthy function of the body in response to stings and venom.

Recommended use: Can be taken internally (every 3 hours) and/or applied topically as a poultice for venomous bites or stings.


None of these items or statements are approved by FDA. Consult your physician before taking any supplement. Do not take herbs or tinctures during pregnancy without consulting your healthcare provider.