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Body System 8 - Female 40+

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8 Tincture Body System Kits

Female 40+

The 8 Tincture Body System Kits are an economical and systematic way to approach your herbal needs. Each kit contains eight tinctures uniquely suited to address the needs of a particular body system. All the tinctures are made by HomeGrown Herbalist staff.

See below for details of the contents of each kit.

Each kit includes laminated instructions on how to use all the tinctures.

Buying the elements separately would be quite expensive. These kits are priced to cover our costs and get them into people's hands. :)

If you would like to purchase all 17 kits you can do that here at a substantial savings.

Customize your own kit:

This kit can be customized to your particular needs or desires. Select the custom option in the pull down menu. Choose from any of our Tinctures or Formulas to fill the kit. Then send us a separate email detailing the changes you want to make or put it in a note with your order. This option does not include any consultation. If you'd like to have the assistance of a personal consultation to customize your herb kit Click Here.

The standard kit contains the following 8 (1 oz) tinctures:

None of these items or statements are approved by FDA. Consult your physician before taking any supplement. Do not take herbs or tinctures during pregnancy without consulting your healthcare provider.

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Female 40+ Kit

Bladder Toner: The normal bladder retains urine until it is voluntarily expressed. This formula is a combination of plants that supports the bladder's normal function of holding urine until it is expressed voluntarily.

Bones - Strong BonesThe body is constantly using and replacing the calcium and other minerals in the bones. This formula supports strong, healthy bones.

Female - Menopause/HF: This formula smooths the body's normal hormonal transition during menopause.

Joint: This formula is a combination of plants that support normal, healthy joint movement and function. 

Memory & Alertness: This formula supports memory and mental alertness.

Nutritive: This formula is a combination of plants (roots, leaves and seeds) rich in nutrients that support the body's functions and activities in all conditions.

Oat Straw: A wonderful nerve tonic for chronic stress, tonic against depression & debility.

Siberian Ginseng: General tonic, stimulates immunity and cognitive function, energizes, improves libido and fertility.