Halloween, 2017 November 02 2017

October 28, 2017

             Lucianne and Davis’ kids were in Buhl the Saturday before Halloween, so the Great Pumpkin came early to our house. We all dressed up in YumBaby werewolf wigs and Nana donned a puppy-dog wig. The kids trick-or-treated to all eight doors of our house and clinic. Nana handed out the candy. At each door, we told a scary kiddy story, and Nana and Katherine got the mood right by adding spooky sound effects. During one exciting part, Nana began weeping loudly. Everyone froze in surprised silence.

            “Mom, what’s wrong?” we asked. She wailed even louder. “Are you OK?

            With a harrumph she said, “I’m pretending. Just tell the story!