Aunt Luween November 13 2017

Aunt Luween


Mom’s cousin Luween Lee sang in the Tabernacle Choir. On Sunday mornings Mom loved to listen to “Music and the Spoken Word” before church. She often turned the TV volume up high and listened to the MoTab and Aunt Luween from the dressing room as she fixed her hair and got ready. Likewise, nothing was more deliciously fun for her children on a Sunday morning than watching “Music and the Spoken Word”…not for love of music or gospel teaching, but to call out, “Look, it’s Aunt Luween!” and then watch Mom scurry to the family room to see the singing cousin as the TV camera panned across the choir. The ploy worked over and over again for YEARS.


Mom laughed as she recounted this story on the drive to Meridian to the temple open house on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.