11/10/17 November 30 2017

Physical Condition, 11/10/17


Accidents/Falls: One fall, no injury


Memory Challenges: Generally fairly lucid, but had problems during Thanksgiving holiday when lots of visitors were at the Joneses house.


Physical strength/ability: reported some pain in her upper abdomen or chest during the night last night.


Doctor and other appointments/Findings: Will schedule follow up appointment with Dr. Nofziger to evaluate meds and inquire about abdominal/chest pain from last night.



            Reading: The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom

            Visiting Teaching

            Mopping, drying dishes and folding laundry (She'll give you heck if you try to do it                 without her. )

            Attending Kara’s basketball games

            Enjoys watching the Jazz play, when we can get it

            Attends all three meetings at church

            Enjoys grocery shopping

            I try to take Mom somewhere every day. She enjoys it and I think it is stimulating to                                    her mind

            Loves shopping for new clothing

            She enjoyed visiting with Chris and his kids over Thanksgiving

            Ben and Angie stopped by on their way back to Oregon, and she loved seeing them!