11/10/17 November 13 2017

Physical Condition, 11/10/17


Accidents/Falls: none


Memory Challenges: Often lucid, occasional confusion


Physical strength/ability: Moves slowly with walker, rarely attempts to move freely.

  • Experienced stomach pain during the night on the 10th, slept poorly, was much more confused the following morning.


Doctor and other appointments/Findings:

  • Dan Nofziger, MD,
  • discontinued Sucralfate
  • ordered medical records from Dr. Browne in Arco.
  • Glasses and hearing aid are ready to be picked up this coming Monday.



  • Sunday 19, Attended church, gave testimony in Sacrament Meeting
  • Tuesday 7, Trip to Meridian Temple for the Open House.
  • Thursday 9, Appointment with Dr. Nofziger, went to lunch with Patrick
  • Friday 10, Beauty shop, took Susie to the groomer.