Vibration For Healing, Re-Booting Befuddled Nerves, And Moving The Qi!

Several years ago there was a preparedness convention at a small town near my home. I’d been to several large conferences in previous weeks and was pretty tired of traveling. I also had tons of work to do in the herb gardens so I had decided not to go. Suddenly one morning, I had a strong feeling that I needed to go. Really strong. Over the years I’ve learned to follow those sorts of feelings. So I called the organizers of the event and asked if they had any speaking slots left. The organizer was excited to hear from me and gave me two (yeah…he needs to get out more). So I signed up for a booth to peddle my books and weeds and put together a couple of presentations. As I was setting up the booth, I saw a man across the vendor hall that was setting up his own booth. I was suddenly filled with that feeling again and a pretty direct direction “You need to go and meet that man“. I walked across the hall and introduced myself. His name was Sharik Peck. As we shook hands, I felt like I’d known him all my life. It was very strange. I asked him what he was doing at the convention and he told me about his product The Rezzimax Tuner.

Sharik is a physical therapist and also has a master’s degree in counseling. The result of his education and his decades professional practice is a deep understanding of the body and the mind. Years ago Sharik was focusing his remarkable mind on how to help people suffering with chronic pain. He had a number of clients struggling with significant pain and had himself suffered a broken back and neck and a stroke in his youth that had caused significant, chronic pain in his own life. His wife had some chronic pain issues as well. As a result, he made the matter one of deep thought, meditation and prayer. One night he woke with a start and said “I need to get an electric toothbrush!” His sweet wife opened one eye and said, “You have one“. “No” replied Sharik “for my clients.” He had come to understand, with a flash of inspiration, that vibration was the tool he was looking for. The next day he was modifying a humble electric toothbrush. Soon, he was experimenting with using it on specific points on some of his clients. It helped some of them! But he knew in his heart that he was just scratching the surface. He began a years-long study of the mechanics of vibration and the effects of various frequencies and cycles of vibration on the body and the mind. The fruit of that research and application of effort was the The Rezzimax Tuner.

We talked a lot about was he was doing; about how he was using the instrument for everything from nerve pain to muscle cramping to emotional release therapies. I am not one that is easily impressed with odd new innovations but I was seriously impressed. I’d been doing a lot of work with vibration myself using tuning forks instead of needles on acupuncture meridians but this instrument was using focal applications of vibrational frequencies in a way that was truly remarkable.

An hour or so after meeting Sharik, a woman came to my booth. I’d known her for years but hadn’t seen her in some time. She was suffering from a “dead arm”…not literally dead, but totally useless. She’d had severe pain in the arm for a long time and then, one morning, her brain just decided enough was enough and turned it off. She’d had no feeling in the arm or use of it ever since. She wanted to know if I had any herbs that would help. I told her I wanted to try something different.

I took her over to Sharik’s booth. He took out his Tuner and started working on her. After about 20 minutes of him applying the Tuner to various points, she began to have a good deal of feeling in the arm but none of the pain. By the time he was finished, she also had about 70% mobility with it. It was absolutely amazing. She bought a tuner and followed his instructions for a short daily protocol he recommended. Within a few weeks, her issue was completely resolved. Years later now, she still has full, normal use of that limb.

So what the heck happened and how did the vibrations from the Tuner solve that problem? Well, in layman’s terms, the nervous system is a complex electrochemical system…basically a biological computer. As with regular computers, there are times when that system suffers from feedback loops, disruptions in the flow of information and freezes. Like a computer that freezes up and can’t move to a new page or program, the nerves sometimes get stuck on a task. Like a computer that is turned off and re-booted, the nerves and the mind can sometimes be re-booted as well. When this occurs, the nerves remember their original purpose. They remember that their job was not to scream to the brain all day that the arm had been injured years ago. But rather to talk to the brain about what was happening with the arm today. Vibrational stimuli at the proper frequencies and interval can be used to trigger that re-boot.

I’ve used the Rezzimax Tuner for years in my naturopathy practice using Sharik’s many protocols. I’ve also used it on acupuncture points with interesting results. Apparently the rascal is also good for moving Qi through the meridians. I’ve used it for headaches, migraines, TMJ, nerve pain, emotional release protocols and several other things. It also has applications for a number of other coditions. In essence, it helps the nervous system and body to re-group, re-calibrate and re-focus its healing efforts and resources in more effective ways.

The newest version of the Tuner also has massage, “scraping” wings which can be used to apply sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue to increase blood flow, restore motion and eliminate pain. It’s basically a modern, high-tech upgrade to the ancient Chinese practice of gua sha. This ancient massage technique combined, with Sharik’s patent-pending resonance algorithms, provides for a gentle and effective way to get the body into an advanced healing mode.

As if years of anecdotal experience weren’t enough to impress with the efficacy of the tuner, The American Dental Association and the University of Utah have released a study showing the Rezzimax Tuner’s remarkable ability to release muscle tension in the jaw muscles to alleviate TMJ issues and other problems. You can read the study here.

Other preliminary studies which may well lead to further formal research has shown that the Tuner can markedly deregulate the fight or flight state and decrease elevated cortisol from stress to normal levels.

I’m a simple soul and rarely sell or promote anything but herbs. But The Rezzimax Tuner has found its way into my quiver of tools for helping folk. It’s a remarkable tool.

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25 thoughts on “Vibration For Healing, Re-Booting Befuddled Nerves, And Moving The Qi!

  1. Beatrice Pena says:

    What are these emotional release therapies you mentioned? PTSD folks would benefit. Could you direct me to a viable source?Thank you!

    • Dr. Patrick Jones says:

      Sharik had lots videos on YouTube and Vimeo. There is a link to those with the unit. If you can’t find what you need, he’d be happy to help you as well.

  2. Maree says:

    This is very interesting info–thank you for sharing. I am wondering–with the plethora of different ailments out there, how would you find the right treatment protocol with the Rezzimax? In your surgery article, I remember you mentioning that you contacted your friend for an individualized protocol to help your guts with the Rezzimax, and I am wondering if there is any training offered with it (since even you, who have previous experience with it and knowledge of meridians, etc. that the rest of us don’t have had to ask him for a protocol to help your individual issue)? The Rezzimax is a bit pricey, and while I am interested in it and the possibilities, I would hate to invest that much money in it without any good idea of how to effectively utilize it. I assume it comes with some general protocols in the instructions, but I am wondering if there are any resources available to be able to ask someone if those protocols are unable to help your specific condition (or your specific condition is not included in the standard protocols) and you want to see if just using a different protocol or vibrational level or area or whatever would have more effective results. I know that is very long-winded (sorry!), I just wanted to try to make sure my question was clear. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Dr. Patrick Jones says:

      Yes. It comes with an instruction manual. There are also lots of other video resources on youtube and vimeo. Sharik also often does live video training. He and I will get together some time soon and do a free, live “Ask Sharik Anything” webinar.

      • Megan says:

        This sounds excellent! I had so.e stim when recovering from an injury and was amazed at how well it worked.

        I love the sound of this tool but also wS carefully considering the price point before I pulled the trigger. Thanks for more info on this, Doc.

  3. Jeanette says:

    Yup. Sharik is an amazing person. And the Tuner is a blessing I need to use more. I’m lucky to have come into his large circle of friends.

    • Dr. Patrick Jones says:

      I need to use mine more too. But My kids keep grabbing it every time they have a headache or something. LOL

  4. Marcia James says:

    Doc, what do you think about using it for trigeminal neuralgia? I can’t even use an electric toothbrush because the vibrations trigger pain. I would do anything to help with it! Thanks!

    • Dr. Patrick Jones says:

      Sharik has been very successful using it for trigeminal neuralgia. It’s a special protocol that requires some patience but it usually works very well. He said he’d be happy to talk you through it.

  5. Jo says:

    I am very interested in this device for my husband who has had chronic migraines/vomiting most days with it (rarely ever without a headache) for the past 6 years (background of pituitary tumours). He has tried a lot of different things with no effect. Do you think this Rezzimax thing might help him? Is Shipping to New Zealand possible?

    • Dr. Patrick Jones says:

      We’ve shipped things internationally before. There may be fees/taxes charged by your government. The Rezzimax tuner is very effective for migraines in my experience.

  6. Melvin says:

    Thanks Doc for the Rezzimax Tuner. I have made new attachments for this device to further aid in acupressure point manipulation. And am try to use this device every day as a balancing tool. Also It would be nice for me to learn more about tuning forks and the type of forks you use to heal?

    • Dr. Patrick Jones says:

      One of these days, I’ll have to do an article about the tuning forks.
      I had an interesting experience with Sharik at a conference once. He was using the tuner on a lady. While he’s doing that, part of the technique is to have the client gently bite their tongue and hum. One of the primary tuning forks I use is tuned to the grounding frequency of this nice planet we live on…just a hair sharp of middle C. Whales, wolves, Tibetan monks etc… all hum at this frequency a lot. Anyway, when Sharik got to work on this lady and she stated humming, I grabbed my fork to see if she was close to that pitch. It turned out she was exactly on it. So apparently, the Tuner works as well for tuning folks up as the technique and tool I’d been using.

  7. Dr. Patrick Jones says:

    Good News Folks. Sharik Peck the inventor of the Rezzimax tuner and I will be putting on a live webinar to answer all your questions. The webinar is Free and will cover the principles behind the amazing device ad how to use it for various ailments.

    Sign Up To Attend Here: Free: Tune Out Pain & Tune Into Life Webinar

  8. Marie says:

    I have one sided, radiating sciatica pain from an accident that no chiropractor (I’ve tried 6 in the northern Maine area) can resolve. Sometimes I use heat, sometimes a massager on my low back. I’m wondering about this. Might check in with my favorite chiro. Both learn something. My son has just bought a PEMF and he says it is giving him pain relief and better sleep. Do you know this device, Doc?

    • Dr. Patrick Jones says:

      There is a naprapathy technique I use for sciatica that’s very effective. Hard to say if it would work on a post-accident case due to the possibility of scar tissue or oddly-healed bones impinging nerves. The Rezzimax Tuner can be effective as well.
      From an herbal bent, I’ve often used Rest Easy and Muscles-NoMoSpazms topically and internally. Adding the Joint Support Formula adds an anti-inflammatory effect that can also really help.

  9. jackievb says:

    Ok, so this question is a few days late and may seem strange but here goes… I have seen some tools before that are supposed to be helpful for Parasite and Yeast/Candida removal that are supposed to be based on vibrational frequencies etc., but I have not seen or used them. Do you think the Rezzimax could be used for such applications? Thanks Doc 🙂

    • Dr. Patrick Jones says:

      I have no data to suggest that it would. I’d be pretty hard-pressed to believe the others would as well unless they had legitimate scientific studies showing they did. There are a lot of ridiculous pieces of equipment out there. Be careful.

      We’re doing a live webinar with Sharik Peck. You could ask him there if he has any data or experience on that.

      Here’s the link:

    • Dr. Patrick Jones says:

      I don’t imagine it has the ability to reverse a cancer. But it helps a lot with headaches, pain, stress and a number of other things.

  10. Lisa Mecham says:

    Will this device work on the body if you have knee replacements, rods in the legs and hardware on the discs in back from surgery?

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