[UPDATE] It Ain’t Brain Surgery…Well, Unless It’s Brain Surgery.

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Update: (02/18/2021 – 9AM)

Hey Folks,

We wanted to give you all a quick update on dad.

The surgery went very well. It was long (nearly 9 hours), but successful.
He is still in the ICU for recovery and observation and probably won’t be released until Saturday or Sunday. So far, he has passed all of his physical and cognitive evaluations with flying colors and is recovering on schedule.

Our whole family is so grateful for the outpouring of love and support from all of you wonderful friends. Thank you for keeping our dad in your prayers as he has been going through this surgery and recovery.

Reports also suggest that Mike Tyson is a real mess 🙂

We’ll try to keep everyone updated further as new information becomes available.

Much Love

-Luci & Evan

Hey Folks!

This past summer I started having some trouble with the vision in my left eye; nothing serious, it just seemed to be a little less clear. I went to the local optometrist thinking I was just becoming an old coot and needed some glasses. He said everything looked OK and maybe try some eye drops and better reading glasses. I immediately threw away my $1.50 reading glasses that I got at the gas station and shelled out the big bucks at Wal-Mart for a really good pair for $6. Didn’t help.

Over the summer things got a little worse, by fall something was obviously wrong. I went to an ophthalmologist so he could look at my eyeball with his cool doctor tools and tell me what was going on. Over the course of several visits, he did every diagnostic test for eyeballs that there is and found zip.

He said I ought to get an MRI and make sure my brain was OK as that’s the only other thing that’s involved with vision. As I left his office, I called my brother who happens to be a world-renowned brain surgeon. He asked me a bunch of questions about my vision and said, “Hmmm, sounds like it could be a cavernous sinus meningioma putting pressure on your optic nerve. Get the MRI.” I got the MRI last week and that’s exactly what they found.

The meninges, as you may remember from your high school biology class, are a special kind of Saran Wrap that God designed to wrap our brains in to keep them fresh. After all, there’s nothing more embarrassing than having a brain that smells like the inside of your refrigerator!

Unfortunately, my meninges got bored and decided that growing in a thin sheet to cover my brain wasn’t very interesting and that a fun, creative guy like me would probably be really happy if they grew a Vienna sausage in my brain instead. I really wish they’d talked to me about this but I’m often very busy and they probably didn’t want to bother me or ruin the surprise.

So, I have a lump in my brain. It’s not cancer. It’s not malignant, It’s just a happy lump of stuff that’s growing in a place that will make me blind in both eyes and squish my pituitary gland and internal carotid arteries if they don’t take it out.

So, having this interesting case study, I wanted to take the opportunity to discuss some important principles of herbal medicine that apply to these situations.

Principle #1: Doctor’s Are Often a Really Good Idea

Doctors are extraordinarily good and diagnosing things. They have all kinds of neat toys to look at stuff and analyze our anatomy and physiology. Knowing what’s going on is much more than half the battle when trying to solve a health problem. We can spend a lot of time barking up the wrong tree and getting nowhere if we don’t have an accurate diagnosis. If I’d just assumed this was an eye problem and used all of my nifty eyeball herbs to try to fix it, I likely would have seriously endangered and perhaps lost my vision by allowing the tumor to continue growing and squishing my optic nerve while I was aiming at the wrong target and feeling like a smart herbalist.

The other reason doctors can be a really good idea is that sometimes they’re really good at fixing stuff…especially mechanical stuff. People often contact me about medical concerns asking for herbal interventions that might help. In most cases, herbs can be a really great idea. But sometimes they won’t be enough. I occasionally hear the sentiment that “I know God gave us everything we need to be healthy if we can just find it.” I agree with this sentiment for the most part but with one caveat: One of the things God gave us in this world to help us be healthy was brilliant surgeons that can take tumors out of our brains.

As I often say to folks dealing with tumors; Stainless steel scalpel blades are all-natural. If you find a nice fellow that can make your tumor be gone today, be friends with that guy. Then you can do some wonderful herbal stuff afterward to heal up.

Principle #2: If You’re Having Surgery, Don’t Take Any Herbs the Week Before.

Herbs are wonderful, powerful healing agents but there are several really good reasons NOT to take them prior to surgery. The first reason is that the doctors, for the most part, don’t know anything about them or how they might interact with the protocols and medications they will be using to try to help you. Herbs can and do interact with pharmaceuticals. Sometimes they make the drugs work better. That seems like a good idea unless that drug happens to be an anesthetic and they can’t wake you up after your procedure. Other herbs can counteract the actions of drugs. My surgeon has me taking a low dose of dexamethasone which is a cortisone-like anti-inflammatory for a few days before the surgery. He’s doing this because it may ever-so-slightly decrease the size of my lump so he can get around in there more easily to take it out. That seems like a good idea. If I decided that I should also take some good immune-stimulating herbs since I was going to be around all those sick people in the hospital, those plants would counteract the dexamethasone and may even increase circulation and inflammation around the lump and make things more crowded for the surgeon.

Other herbs, lots of them in fact, can thin the blood a bit. This isn’t a bad thing normally but can be quite a bad thing if someone is making incisions through your blood vessels with the assumption that you’ll have the ability to clot quickly.

My point is that the doctors are very adept at using the tools they know how to use. Introducing new variables to the equation with herbs has the potential to undo or interfere with the things they are trying to do to help you. Especially in surgical situations.

It is possible to combine herbs and pharmaceuticals safely and, sometimes very advantageously, but it’s something that generally requires some input from someone that knows about both herbs and pharmaceuticals. I do this all the time in my veterinary practice and even consult with physicians occasionally about such questions when they have a patient that wants to use herbs but, as experienced and informed as I am, even I lay off the herbs a week before surgery.

After surgery, I’ll be doing a lot of cool herbal things to heal up and optimize the restoration of my liberated optic nerve. But that’s a topic for another blog article. :0)

So, tomorrow is the big day. The doctor doing the procedure is confident that it’ll all be fine. He said that afterward I’d look and feel like I’d been in a boxing match with Mike Tyson…so I’m guessing tired and sweaty? Wait…unless he meant he thought Mike would win the boxing match…I guess I should have asked some follow-up questions on that. :0(

In any event, I’d be grateful for your prayers if you are so inclined. And, I’d also be grateful if you’d go to the website and buy lots and lots of stuff today. I’m going to have some bills to pay. :0)

Doc Jones

193 thoughts on “[UPDATE] It Ain’t Brain Surgery…Well, Unless It’s Brain Surgery.

  1. Barbara Loeding says:

    Glad you shared these important caveats and insights . But sorry to hear about your Vienna sausage. That made me share an insight of my own. look at the image of your tumor and in your mind’s eye visualize surgeon being able to remove it all in one piece… with very little blood loss.
    Is there any Remover of Difficulties save God? Say: Praised be God. He is God. All are His servants and all abide by His bidding.

  2. Yvonne says:

    My prayers are with you for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. I don’t think God is done with you yet here on earth. You are a valuable teacher, father, brother, and friend.

  3. Gary Kersen says:

    So sorry to hear this. At least, once it’s gone you won’t have to have chemo or any of that stuff, and you will know that it’s gone. I’ll be praying for you daily. Please let us know how you do.

  4. Charlene and John Gile says:

    Brother Jones we want you to know that are faith and prayers are with you as you embark on your surgical journey tomorrow. God Bless!!!!

    • Diana says:

      Praying in faith believing that Jesus will accompany, guide and direct the surgeon and staff. May only things that are helpful be done for you during and after surgery.

  5. Cathryn E. says:

    I will be praying! Blessings, and thank you for your sound, helpful advice and great information. I look forward to hearing your next steps toward healing. 😀

  6. BJ says:

    Many healing thoughts and prayers heading your way! Thank you for reminding people that herbs are a very important part of health but may not be able to fix everything. There are times when a surgeon is required. We’ll be thinking of you tomorrow.

  7. Martha Stanley says:

    Sincere best wishes and illumined thoughts to you, your lump, your family and the medical team. I look forward to your followup blog.

  8. Karen Davis says:

    I will be praying all goes well. When I finished the classes and got my certificate a doctor friend bought and gave me a book titled “Mosby’s Handbook of Herbs & Natural Supplements ” it is a valuable resource.

  9. Lynn Reeb says:

    I will be praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery. May the doctors hands be skilled, give him wisdom and may he be guided by Holy Spirit. I pray that the room will be filled with the Holy Presence of God..No side effects from medication, and no unnecessary procedures. May His grace and peace be with you and your family.

  10. Lori says:

    Hey Doc, just another veterinarian here wishing you well. This is a great piece and I will save it when I try to explain to my clients about traditional vs. alternative medicine (since my “patients” are only worried about what treat they will get and not the “medicine” in it!). After 30 years in veterinary medicine, I recently switched to an integrative nurse practitioner and a biological dentist. I feel like I have “found my people” yet still respect the amazing things that can be done by “traditional” specialists! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Yours in Christ, Dr. Lori

    • Shauna Petersen says:

      Prayers for you Doc Jones that all will happen perfectly on your behalf. Your a wonderful teacher and we all need you back teaching as soon as possible!!

  11. cliff sutton says:

    Doc what timing my wife told me she is having g a similar problem this morning . thanks for info . our prayers are with you

  12. s says:

    Many will be praying for you. We want you to get well soon to keep us smiling with your great sense of humor.; there’s no one like you. Try to take it easy.

  13. Douglas Carter and Paula Carter says:

    We are praying for you dear Doc. We often do but more so in this delicate time. May He, the giver of life, grant you a speedy recovery.
    Blessings and shalom.

  14. Linda Martin says:

    I will be praying for you Doc. I have a friend who had this same surgery when she was about 35. She made it through the surgery just fine and is now 73. Please keep us updated on your recovery.

  15. Desiree Tosatto says:

    Many prayers of healing heading your way and for your family who will be waiting for the good word after surgery. I am also sending prayers for all of the medical staff who will be helping to heal you!

  16. Sharon Boyden says:

    When I had brain surgery many years ago at the Lahey Clinic in Mass., I asked the surgeon if I could bring my own music for the operating room (most surgeons have music in the OR). He looked at me kinda strange but said ok. I created a CD full of soft praise music that wouldn’t distract the surgeon but would invite the Holy Spirit’s presence in the OR. It was playing as they wheeled me in. 6 weeks later, my surgeon told me and all his staff that these were the best results he’d ever seen for that type of surgery and he did those surgeries regularly Will definitely be praying for you.

  17. Kathy Hensley says:

    I’ll add your name to the Prayer Roll. You did share some important points. Allopathic medicine does have its place and value in certain situations. However, the hardest part can be finding a doctor who is skilled, knowledgeable, and actually cares about the patient.
    I pray that you will receive the best of care and that you will recover quickly. Sending love and prayers.

  18. DJ says:

    Many prayers and healing thoughts. Wishes for a speedy and complete recovery! Take it easy and slow….and rest…. and let people take care of YOU!

  19. Lynn Sessions says:

    Our prayers and thoughts are with you. After having spent the last year fighting colon cancer, I can appreciate how difficult a sudden major health issue can be. Thank God for people like you and for skilled doctors.

  20. Kari Dumbeck says:

    I’m sorry you are going through this and thank you for your insight and laughter even in tough times. You are a rock to many who follow you and a great example of how humanity should be. God has blessed you and I pray that he will continue to bless you, for he has blessed us in knowing you. I pray for your healing.

  21. Gail says:

    Doc Jones,
    You will be in my prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery. I will be praying for strength and peace for your family as well.
    God bless you!

  22. Rose Felton says:

    I love reading your posts, but I’m so sorry about this one since you will be having surgery. I wish you the best during surgery and that you have a speedy recovery!

  23. Alli says:

    Prayers are on the wind for you Doc & the surgeon. May you have a successful surgery & complete recovery.
    Thanks for this message, I face one of sorts this wednesday that’s wwwwwwwwaaaaaayyyyy less scary then yours, but me & anesthesia haven’t gotten along in the past (because of the administrator of it) I haven’t been happy being off my herbs for the past week or so, but it makes a lot of sense to do it.
    You’ll do great.
    prayers are on the wind

  24. Susan Dunsworth says:

    Oh Dear! Come back to us better, stronger, faster… You know the rest. We love you. My dogs love you. My cats love you. I don’t think the turkey cares one way or another, but all the rest of us wish you the fastest, easiest, safest journey through this dark valley.

  25. Brenda says:

    Doc. You are the best! Even in a difficult time you are reaching out to help others! We are so thankful for you, your work, and mostly, your God—He is taking great care of a great guy! It’s a privilege to pray for you, yours, and your Doctor now. Thanks Doc! Looking forward to your good report soon. Angels all around!

  26. Happy Homesteader says:

    Dear Doc Jones,

    I am already praying for the successful removal of the tumour and your full recovery. My mother had the same tumour, optical and balance issues led to her diagnosis. It was removed in 2013 and she made a full recovery. Today she is a happy and healthy 78 year old. A quick note of caution: her electrolytes were not adequately monitored after the surgery, which led to her being readmitted. Opening up the meninges/brain surgery can apparently cause electrolyte imbalance. Just in case this info helps prevent what happened to my mom. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. You are a true gift to this world. Praying for you. God Bless!!!!!

  27. Yonina says:

    Doc Jones, you are not allowed to make this bigger than your persona!!!! You are strong and blessed! Take care and be open to well wishes even from your non god-fearing fan!!!!!!

  28. Marisa says:

    God bless you doc, I don’t normally pray but I will definitely do that today. Maybe He will be so surprised to hear me that He’ll actually listen 😉

  29. Jennifer Dayley says:

    You absolutely will be in our prayers. My family is 95% holistic. But we do know the value of good doctors, good surgeons, and good modern medicine. You are absolutely correct, and we wish you all the blessings the Lord has in store for you. Can’t wait to hear the updates. ♡

  30. Kristen Smith says:

    Wow, prayers from all over! It must be great to see so many people that care about you.
    So sorry to hear about this, but thank God it’s not more serious. (Not that brain surgery isn’t a big deal, but when it’s done the problem is gone, so that’s great!)
    I fully believe that your surgery will go perfectly, and I am wishing you a speedy recovery. Thanks for taking the time to let us know. Looking forward to hearing from you in my inbox again!

  31. Nick and Sharon Johnson says:

    We will be praying for a speedy and successful recovery! Glad your brother was able to help figure this out. Blessings on you and your family.

    • Barry Jones says:

      Thank you, all, for your sweet wishes and faith-filled prayers on behalf of Patrick and his family!
      Barry Jones
      (One of his non-neurosurgeon brothers.)

      • Patty says:

        I will be praying in agreement with all in prayer believing for your dear brother! May God be glorified through his testimony!

  32. Ada says:

    i will add my prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery God bless you and your family during this stressful time. you certainly are a blessing to us

  33. Mary Kathryn says:

    Only you can make brain surgery sound funny! You still have much to do on this earth, so be a good boy in the hospital, do what the doc and nurses say, and know that all those you have healed in the past have sent you prayers, in spades. You have a vault full, and those prayers are still coming. ‘Talk’ to ya on the other side of surgery!

  34. Serena says:

    Glad to see your humor is as good as ever! You have taught me so much over the years, for which I am truly grateful for! Sending prayers your way!

  35. Kay Rhoades says:

    Thank you, Doc for sharing this with us so we can pray with and for you for your speedy total healing and recovery. Nothing is too hard for our GOD and HE says it just takes faith in His WORD and two in agreement. You are covered. We love you. GOD Bless!

  36. Cathy H says:

    Doc, thank you for this article. That we can thrive in both worlds is amazing; your personal experience really helps us understand how that is possible. I’m sorry to hear about the lump on your brain and pray that you have most excellent results and care and that healing is swift. Looking forward to your post-boxing match pictures 😉.

  37. Susan says:

    God/Universal Energy/Whatever’s Invisible is there with you all of the time, only we don’t know that it’s there because we’re so busy with only the visible and solidI died. You’ll need to heal quickly because your humor is a required nutrient for this world. Will be sending you my two cents of energy. Be well Good Doc Jones.

  38. Karen says:

    I will be sending both prayers and reiki to you. You are a loving & generous human being. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to care for you in return.

  39. Elizabeth Peacock says:

    You better get better or we’ll never read your posts again! That’s a threat more than a promise. We’ll pray for you.

  40. Melody says:

    Praying for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. You are an amazing person who has changed my life for the better with your herbal wisdom, clever humor, and love for God and Nature. God bless you Doc.

  41. Meg says:

    Blessings, many prayers for your health and well being. Thank you for all you share with the world. This was a great article re: surgery. Sending love, for all your knowledge and humor, you will be surrounded with light.

  42. Annie says:

    Lord we lift up Doc to you and ask that you guide the surgeons hands. I pray for good care and quick recovery. I ask for divine provision for him and his family during this time. Thank you Lord! In Jesus name I pray Amen!

  43. Michell Jonas says:

    Hope everything goes well. My father had 12 non cancerous tumors, one the size of his fist. Couple surgeries later the put gold pellets around the others so they wouldn’t grow. Wishing you a healthy recovery.

  44. Laura D says:

    May the divine hand of Grace work through you and your medical team, and may you be blessed with a quick and thorough recovery…

  45. Karen says:

    Thank you for this valuable information. I will add you to my prayers. You have been a great source of information for me and it looks like you have many prayer warriors on your side. God Bless You and Keep you in in arms.

  46. Sean Dennis says:

    Hi Doc,

    Wishing you an uneventful surgery and speedy recovery. You helped one of our kidney cats with a custom herbal formula several years back, and I always appreciate your blog posts. I, too, have a meningioma, discovered in 2015. Per the neurosurgeon, it is in a “good” place—above the cerebellopontine angle and it seems to not be growing per the last few MRIs (knock on wood). Its primary duty currently seems to be in displacing my left facial nerve so that one eye doesn’t open quite as wide as the other. Thus, the strategy is watch and wait. Anyway, wishing you the best.

    • Linda says:

      Praying that the many blessings you have bestowed to others come back to you and your loved ones one thousand fold. You are healer, teacher, steward and shepherd of a far-flung community, and we all pray for your healing and health.

  47. Laura says:

    Prayers for the skilled hands of your surgeon to take care of you. And many prayers for your quick and complete recovery! God bless you Doc!

  48. Dixie says:

    Knowing for you the perfect unfolding of this procedure, God’s guidance of your surgeon’s instrument, and for your speedy and uneventful recovery. Blessings to you and your family.

  49. Elaine says:

    oh, so sorry to see this. Yes, we will sure be sending you continued prayers for a speedy surgery and healing!! Thanks for sharing and keep us informed! 🙂

  50. Suzan says:

    Good luck Doc! Thank you for sharing. Cheering for you and wishing you a speedy recovery from Australia. You are one of my favorite teachers, please make sure they only take out that pesky Vienna sausage and they don’t touch your “marbles” 🙂 All the best ❤️

  51. Norma B says:

    I will certainly be praying for God’s hand to guide those of the surgeon, and for an uncomplicated and restful recovery. We need you with us, so get well soon.
    We all love you

  52. Janice Rivenburg says:

    Dear Doc, Please know that you, your whole medical team and your family are in my good thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery and a complete and quick recovery. I am also wrapping you in the beautiful, healing and comforting emerald green energy of Archangel Raphael. Get well, soon!!!

  53. Linda Johnson says:

    Thank you for making your situation a teaching moment for us. I so appreciate you and all that you do. So you better get well soon,so you can keep teaching all of us needy people. Seriously, you will be on my heart and I will be praying for wisdom and understanding for your surgeons and nurses taking care of you. Try hard to do all they say to. Linda

  54. Paula says:

    THANK YOU for another teaching moment with Your Humor! When You get time, I’m curious whether you had cataract surgery previously or what Symptoms You had? PRAYERS for ALL involved & a Speedy Recovery!!!

  55. Tracy says:

    First-Oh, I’m so sorry!
    Second- prayers all around for everyone involved!
    Third – I needed these words. I have a big mistrust in alot of the medical professionals. I need to remember there’s a reason for it all and it SHOULD work together.
    May the Lord bless you, yours and then.
    Happy healing! Happy journey! Prayers and hugs

  56. Wendy meredith says:

    Praying for an easy surgery and speedy recovery! You’re an amazing (and humorous) person and teacher. . . using this very personal situation to teach that there is a place and purpose for everything in this World. Herbs and medicine. God did indeed give us both. Be well.

  57. BLee says:

    Thanks for all your good teaching. Here is something in return; I found black seed oil amazing for brain inflammation from Lyme coinfection.

  58. David Noble says:

    Prayers sent… soon you will be singing ” I can see clearly now the pain is gone “At least that’s one version. Keep us posted. Love ya

  59. Josephine Elise Christen says:

    Dear Dr. Jones,
    I am a long time admirer of your teachings, and am startled to hear this news. Your sharing of it is admirably grounded in your humor, wisdom, knowledge and your talent as a teacher. There are many important lessons here.
    Wishing you a successful surgery and a speedy recovery!

    Sincerely, Josephine Christen

  60. Donna Smeal says:

    Prayers, love and gratitude coming your way. Prayers for you family and caregivers as well. I look forward to your “take” on this adventure in your life. May His Peace that passes all understanding flood your heart and mind in the coming days!

  61. Valerie LeGacy says:

    Praying for you, your wife, surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses, and techs, for wisdom, steady hands, and patience with you!

  62. Leo Malberg says:

    My prayers be with you and that the surgery will be guided by God’s hands. Please to keep your humor even into surgery and to close the deal I’m dedicating my next can of Vienna Sausage (my favorite lunch) in your name. Hope to see you back in the Vet office soon.

  63. Megan says:

    I’m sure the surgeon has already told you this. You’ve likely said these words countless times: Sit! Stay! Heal! 🤗

    Prayers for you and yours and your medical team.

  64. Gudrun B says:

    the Lord bless you and keep you, let his face shine upon you especially during surgery – so you can spread your dry, highly valued humor with us again!

  65. AnnDe Stanavige says:

    God be with you through it all. May His healing hands touch you with healing and guide your surgeon’s hands through this surgery.

  66. Mary Wright says:

    You are an amazing man w/ amazing grace from the Lord! So thankful for your insights and teaching. Did you get a PCR test? secretly, did they jam that sausage up through your nose? Praying for wisdom for the other docs and for you to have clarity of mind in the twilight zone afterwards! God Bless You!

  67. Heath White says:

    Many prayers for a successful op and swift healing. Thank you for sharing that rational advice. So often the two healing disciplines are viewed as adversarial, which is sadly to the detriment of both, and humanity as a whole. God bless you.

  68. Chrissie R Hurt says:

    My thoughts are with you and hope for an easy extraction and speedy recovery. You are a wonderful human being – helped so many people – me included (or more specifically my dog). As an ex-nurse, please tell them to fuss over you like they would their own dad – you are that special.

  69. Mark says:

    All the best for a full recovery. Thank you for taking the time to write a great article on herbs and modern medicine when you had other things on your mind. Looking forward to hearing from you after the op.

  70. Cheryl Watkins says:

    I am praying for you!! May all to well with the surgery and you healing be swift! May you sense God’s presence, and experience His peace!

  71. Kathy from Kansas says:

    Doc, I have appreciated consulting, getting herbal products, and being in your school. Your videos and writings are informative, inspirational, and often make me laugh! You are such a blessing. My family and I keeping you and yours in prayer.

  72. Colleen says:

    Keeping you your medical team snd your family in our prayers. Thank you for all you do for others. I’m grateful for your ongoing efforts to teach others so there can be more healing in this world. Your one of the very best! What a way for you to have a few days off work! Not a fun vacation but you will be a joy to all who care for you!!

  73. norske45 says:

    Hi Doc,
    You have a plethora of prayer warriors already “on it.”
    I too believe that God is not done keeping you here on earth with your many gifts helping man and beast! (did I mention your sterling personality and fabulous dry wit!)
    Praying for God’s loving arms to hold and protect you and to guide the surgeon and staff attending you tomorrow. Know that you are loved and so highly valued by those fortunate enough to know you.
    God bless you Doc

  74. Colleen says:

    Thank you for this very wise article. Lots of good heartfelt information. Will be praying for the surgeons, and you, and for quick, painless healing. Please keep us updated.

  75. Carol says:

    Prayers sent, that you and all in your medical team are Guided for a remarkable outcome. Your students all love you, and that energy will carry you gently through this episode.

  76. Linda L says:

    Praying that God guides and directs the surgical team and gives you peace as you go through the surgery. Prayers for a quick and uneventful recovery. I look forward to hearing from you again.

    • barbludy says:

      Well, here it is March 5th and I am just getting filled in on what happened to you! I’m new, but still feel a connectedness to you and this school I’m going through….probably because you have a great sense of humor and warmth! Hope you are feeling less and less like you were beat up by Mike Tyson! Praying for strength and the joy of the Lord is your strength!

  77. Laurie says:

    Scalpels can be amazing things in the hand of a talented surgeon. My rare cancer was cut out (I was fortunate) years ago due to such a one…and he was hilarious and fun to listen to as he took it out. I was kind of sad that I’d probably never meet him again. But I appreciated & highly respected his manner & skill…and I don’t trust doctors easily.

    May you have as interesting a time as I did (if you are awake).

    …And take it easy afterward. They aren’t kidding that it hurts bad once the anesthetic is gone. Take it easy in the meantime ’cause you’ll pay for it (I didn’t and yes, I paid for it).

    It looks like you have much prayer support moving forward. I and our hedgehog from Canada (I know you like hedgehogs) are rooting for you!

  78. Sasha Fenton says:

    Thank you for sharing all your knowledge. You are amazingly bright and totally hilarious….love your emails!! We will be praying for you!!! 🙏🏻

  79. Phillip C. Selfridge says:

    Doc Jones I would be honored to pray for you. May the Lord bless and keep you in the mean time. I love your teaching. So get well soon.

  80. Pat & Linda says:

    Hey Doc! Sure hope you are doing fine. We’ve been sending prayers and positive vibes your way every since we heard you were trying to grow a brain annex; for future reference, DON’T DO THAT!! We also prayed for steady hands for your sergion. Well, prayers and positive vibes are still being sent to you and all your family. May God bless you and keep you safe.

  81. Victoria Scott says:

    Dear Doc Jones,
    Thank you for letting us know. We are praying for you that all goes well with your surgery and for a speedy recovery!

  82. Darlene says:

    Doc Jones….will put this on my prayer list daily, until we hear you are better. Please get well fast, as my prayer list is awful long lately. You are in the Father’s hands, and He cares for you, and we ask the Holy Spirit to guide your surgeon’s hands as he fixes the wonderful brain the Lord gave you.

  83. Karen Liles says:

    Dear Doc Jones, God loves you. We love you. All will be well.
    Please give us updates because we care and can fine tune our prayers for you and your family.

  84. Rev Ryan Calderone says:

    Thanks for the update Evan. I know this is a huge relief for you and your family too. Continue to lift you all in prayer.

  85. Mary Kathryn says:

    Thank you so much for the update! Your dad is so good about letting us into his life. My guess is most of us online here live hundreds of miles from Dr. Jones, but it seems we all feel a bit like his neighbor, concerned, and thankful for this successful surgery!

  86. Jim and Laura Munson says:

    We are very happy to hear that the surgery went well. We pray that you will have a complete and quick recovery.

  87. Janet says:

    You are such a wonderful, happy influence in this troubled world. I like knowing I can learn plants from such a knowledgeable teacher and not have to worry about you going all Druid on me like so many others. Your humor makes learning a real joy. God give you complete recovery!

  88. Aimee Monteil says:

    Wow! I had no idea! I am soooooo glad that all went well and we will have you back as our teacher!! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, Doc Jones 🙂

  89. Paula says:

    So GRATEFUL to hear our Prayers have been answered & that you’re headed home for a Speedy Recovery of Your Knowledge & Humor!!! God Bless You

  90. Mary Kathryn says:

    Dr. Jones, you don’t even know me, but because of your teaching style, I feel I know you, a bit about your family…I know your humor, your honesty, your clever way of making the most complicated science come to life (feminizing marshmallow qualities comes to mind), and I know that you are well loved for all you do. I am very grateful when the science of nature merges with the science of medicine and makes people well. I’m sure you will be self dosing healthy foods and supportive herbs (if they don’t conflict with any other meds) and that we get to go on that journey…

  91. Janet Beck says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I just read my email. I’m a little behind and was so very sorry to hear of your troubles. I read the surgery was a success. That I am so grateful for. I depend on you as a mentor and awesome teacher. I loved the email. I’m grateful to be associated with someone as witty and fun as you always make everything even when it’s scary. I’ve had cancer before and know how scary it can be to go under the knife. So very happy you are recovering and doing well. Speedy recovery back to us intake with your great whit and humor. Janet Beck

  92. Sharon says:

    You are such an amazing man! Glad to hear you are doing well. May God bless you with a quick recovery and us with you for many, many more years of sharing your unique touch of love and humor.

    • Dr. Patrick Jones says:

      Things seem to progressing pretty well. I have significant double vision temporarily due to my 3rd cranial nerve being tangled up with the mass they removed. The surgeon said the double vision will resolve in a few weeks when my brain sorts out where my eyes are pointing. Seems to improve daily. I’ll be writing up a blog article on some things I’ve been doing herbally in the next week or so. I appreciate everyone’s prayers and kindness.


      • Deborah Brendsel says:

        Hi hi Doc!
        So happy to know that you are improving!!’ Was hoping for an update. Wishing your recovery could be quicker but we know the body hast to do its job -regenerate and heal. So so great to hear from you. May God continue to bless you on your journey back to health and great vision!!

  93. RedBlueSpice says:

    Glad to hear you are recovering well! Double vision I have heard is quite the experience. Looking forward to that resolving I’m sure. We look forward to hearing your post-surgical herbal fun!

  94. Josephine Elise Christen says:

    Dr. Jones, I am so happy to hear your voice again! I have been checking your website every day for more news of you. You have been so often in my thoughts, and I wish you an ongoing excellent recovery. I have recently signed up for your course, and am so looking forward to learning herbalism with you at the helm.

    Best wishes always to you and your family, and many thanks for your teachings.

  95. Donna says:

    As always, Doc, you inspire us. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. Our prayers for you continue, and we look forward to more teaching moments from you.

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