Show Me Your Papers! The Immune System Gone Rogue!

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It’s a lovely day in the thyroid gland. Sam and Sally Thyrocyte are sitting on the banks of the thyroid artery watching the red blood cells go by, their toes dipping in the warm, rich plasma. A red blood cell stops and offers the young couple some fresh oxygen molecules. Sam tips the RBC with some CO2 molecules from his wallet. Sally smiles and blushes…Sam is always such a gentleman. Just when things are getting really cozy, a lymphocyte pulls up on his motorcycle.

“Papers please.”

Sam is irritated but manages to suppress the impulse to say something as he shows his ID card to the lymphocyte. Sally is less contained.

Do we really look like bacteria to you?! I mean seriously! The Nerve!

“It ain’t my job to care what you look like ma’am. It’s my job to check yer papers.” replies the lymphocyte with practiced indifference. “Says here you folks are thyroid cells.” He says, peering over the top of his glasses suspiciously. “Thyroid cells have been black-listed for looking like the enemy.

Looking like the enemy?” says Sam “What enemy?!

We’ve had reports that some rogue fats and proteins have been breaking through our security fences along the jejunum. Looks like you’ve got some fats and proteins in your cell membranes.”

All cells have fats and proteins in their cell membranes” protests Sam. “This is ridiculous!”

“Tell it to the macrophages, pal, says the lymphocyte, “You two are under arrest.”

Sadly, this scenario seems to be playing out with increased regularity in bodies everywhere. Immune system cells, which are supposed to protect the body are going rogue and attacking normal tissues and organs. Autoimmune diseases seem to be the plague of the twenty-first century. A surprising number of my naturopath clients over the years have come to me looking for answers and solutions to this bizarre problem.

Sometimes the issue is due to a condition called leaky gut syndrome (Click Here To Read an Article on Leaky Gut). In other cases, the immune system seems to have gone Gestapo due to a chronic viral infection. Epstein-Barr virus (a.k.a. mononucleosis or the kissing disease) is sometimes the culprit. In many cases, we never do know the cause.

Fortunately, there are often things we can do to help. Intervention in these cases may involve one or more of the following approaches.

Heal Your Leaky Gut

There are a number of herbs and dietary adjustments that can help the gut to heal itself. As the issue is resolved, the immune system tends to calm and inflammation decreases. Click Here For Some Ideas

Stabilize and Moderate Your Immune System

There are some wonderful herbs like Rehmannia, Yucca, Siberian ginseng, and others that have a moderating and supportive effect on the immune system. We have several formulas containing these herbs that have been helpful. Click Here To See Our ImmuKool and AutoCalm Formulas

Suppress Those Chronic Viral Infections

Epstein-Barr is a Herpes virus that lives in the body for life. While there is no herbal cure so far as I know, there are a number of herbs that can suppress the virus and interfere with its functions. As the virus becomes more controlled, the immune system seems more willing to go off of “Red Alert” status and behave more normally. Have a look at this one.

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Autoimmune disease is a large topic. If you’d like to know more about it and, more importantly, how to manage it so that you or someone you love can start feeling better, please join us at our upcoming webinar.

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11 thoughts on “Show Me Your Papers! The Immune System Gone Rogue!

  1. Mary Kathryn says:

    Hi Dr. Jones. I can not express enough how much I enjoy your teaching style and depth of knowledge. Usually really smart people, well, their humor is no universal! I love your humor! I read and study other really smart ideas, outside of the ones you present, and I want to share a thought. What if the Epstein Barr virus has made a home in the tissue of the thyroid? There is no test to look for it there, and Epstein Barr carriers must be carrying it somewhere, right? If the body is attacking the virus in the tissue, it would look like the body was attacking the thyroid itself. It would have signs of inflammation, and everyone would blame the thyroid for misbehaving, when really it is the EBV that is causing the inflammation (I was diagnosed with Hoshimoto’s in 1973, so there is a personal experience behind my thoughts). And what if anti-viral herbs (Lemon Balm, Thyme…) and foods(Garlic, coconut..) were consumed to calm down that virus, maybe not kill it, but to calm it down and decrease the viral load. And what if one ate supportive foods for the thyroid (Dulse, dates, celery…)Would the inflammation go away, or at least stop presenting itself so strongly? From personal experience, I say yes, it will. It will even heal cancer (another personal experience that surprised the doctors). I can say cure because it happened to me, but I can’t say it will happen to you. The point here, is that inflammation is about the virus, not the organ it resides in…..We have been given everything we need to be healthy, right here on earth. All we need do is connect the dots. Addressing the many viruses that most likely reside in many of us, such as Epstein Barr (personal experience…mono for 5 1/2 months…thanks to the British EBV I got visiting a friend), Shingles, (another personal experience), Herpes Simplex (more experience), and who knows what else, my thoughts lean heavily to looking at viruses with a stronger microscope and giving our wonderful organs a break…they are doing the best they can. I would love your thoughts on this.

    • Dr. Patrick Jones says:

      I think you’re on the right track Mary Kathryn. There are a number of studies that suggest a strong correlation between EBV infection of thyroid cells and Hashimoto’s. There is even better evidence of the connection with thyroid cancer cases. I think we are only beginning to scratch the surface of how viral infections affect autoimmunity, cancer and a number of other maladies.

      • Mary Kathryn says:

        Thank you for saying so. At the tender age of 61, I can tell you that very few doctors in my time are life long learners. Keep up the good work and continue teaching!! I am eager to practice my sewing…er…suturing, after watching you in your series “When there is No Doctor”. I have a lot to learn.

    • Dr. Patrick Jones says:

      Glad you enjoyed it Erin. Thanks for the kind words.
      I don’t have a cat but I have a banjo and a dog. Can the dog learn to play or is it just cats? :0)

  2. BJ says:

    Great information presented in a way that most people can understand. Something that many experts, regardless of profession, have a difficult time doing. Your humor makes it easy to remember. Thank you!

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