2021 – The Time Is NOW To Start Learning Herbal Medicine!

2021 fireworks

Phew! 2020 is over. This has been a difficult year for many on some levels and our hearts go out to folks who have suffered personal loss or financial difficulty due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

For us, here at HomeGrown Herbalist, it’s been an educational year. We have long expounded on the benefits of herbal medicine and have seen amazing results over the years in countless individuals whose lives were improved by using a few herbal supplements, but 2020 was a whole new game. Early in the year, prior to the first Covid-19 cases, we felt moved upon to order unprecedented amounts of herbs and supplies. We made hundreds of gallons of tinctures and, additionally, developed a Respiratory Preparedness Kit.

Then Covid hit and we were suddenly struck with an important question; Will our herb formulas be of any help to folks infected with this virus? I am a veterinarian and have conducted and published scientific research during my career so I know how to speak the language of virologists and immunologists. I dug deep into the research on the new virus to determine if I needed to develop new formulas to address it. Having completed my investigations, it appeared to me that the formulas I had already developed would be just as effective as anything else I might come up with and there was no reason to do anything different.

The response to the Respiratory Preparedness kit and its various formulas has been nothing short of astounding. While I can’t make any specific claims or even share with you the amazing stories we’ve heard (lest we bring upon us the Eye of Mordor…aka the FDA), I will say this; we won’t be changing the kit or discontinuing it any time soon.

We have also seen continued and expanded interest in The HomeGrown Herbalist School of Botanical Medicine. It seems, in the face of our little global pandemic and hospitals that are overcrowded and stretched to their limits, that folks have become more interested in developing some self-reliance with regards to their healthcare.

What Will You Do In 2021?

So, what will you do to improve your own health self-reliance in 2021? Is this the year that you will finally take the plunge and develop some real abilities to work with herbal medicines to bless the lives of your friends and family?

On January 8th at 6 pm Mountain Time, I will be presenting a free webinar on the amazing plant Rehmannia. I invite you to join me and learn how one simple root might bless your life or the lives of those around you. Attending the webinar will also give you a sneak peek at what the curriculum of the school is like.

I challenge you to make 2021 the year that you begin or expand your herbal learning. Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere and never will despite what the nice politicians on the TV tell you. It will forever be part of our lives the way influenza is part of our lives. My advice is to load up with some herbs and, more importantly, load up with some information so that you can be at your best when health challenges come along.

Here’s Your Chance To Complete Some New Year’s Resolutions Early!

As our gift to you for 2021, we are continuing our massive sale. You can buy herbs and tinctures and kits for up to 50% off. You can also get $100 off The HomeGrown Herbalist School. That, my friends, is a screaming deal. The sale ends tonight, New Year’s Eve at midnight so if you want those savings, now is the time to act.

See Sale Items Here

May you all have a great 2021,


Doc Jones

14 thoughts on “2021 – The Time Is NOW To Start Learning Herbal Medicine!

  1. Wendy Deane says:

    I can’t wait to learn even more in the herbalist school! I’m almost done with “When there is no doctor “. Worth every penny! Thank you!

  2. JackieVB says:

    I am currently enrolled in the HGH School of Botanical Medicine and am finding it extremely informative and highly entertaining as well 🙂 – Don’t hesitate if you’re sitting on the fence, it’s well worth the price of admission.
    I am getting ready to order the Respiratory Preparedness Kit as I have aging parents with co-morbidities and wondered if you could tell me if Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine could be purchased online or is it only by prescription? I had thought that Hydroxychloroquine might be easier to find since it has been used for many decades in the treatment of malaria.

    Thank you for sharing that you ‘felt moved upon to order unprecedented amounts of herbs and supplies…’ prior to even hearing anything about COVID. Such a strong testament!!

    • Dr. Patrick Jones says:

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the school.
      I don’t know much about the availability of either of those drugs for the general public. I can get ivermectin wholesale as a vet and haven’t ordered a drop throughout all of this. I don’t see much point in taking an extra-label cattle wormer when the herbs are working as well as they are. :0)

  3. Lisa de Kramer says:

    I bought your Respiratory Kit after the seminar. I took 1/4 tsp of Histamine for a spider bite and it helped my breathing. I asked you in the webinar what I could do about my lungs and shortness of breath after having bronchitis as a kid. The Histamine helped a lot. Now my question can I take that daily?

    • Dr. Patrick Jones says:

      Yup. I have have a number of clients that take it daily.
      I do recommend that if someone is taking herbs regularly that they take a day off every week or two.

  4. Jeff in Champaign says:

    Doc, if the internet is still up on the 8th I’ll be there. I’ve been through the Home Medicine 101 cert, Making Herbal Medicine cert and I’m about halfway through the No Dr. course. I appreciate what you do. You’d make Dr. Lenard Gilespie (from the old Dr. Kildare movies) proud.

    I just placed a decent order of tincture kits and both of your books etc. to jump start my herbal medicine journey while the gettin’s good. Things may get much worse in 2021 as this epic battle between God and Satan plays out right in front of us for all to see (who choose to see). I put my trust in Jesus Christ and all he gives us which includes herbal medicine.

    I realize I have a lot to learn, memorize and internalize. I’ve started my own herb portfolio 3 ring binder of notes etc. I plan on going back through these 3 courses and taking better organized notes.

    I feel like I’m on the verge of information overload. I’m afraid I’m not really ready for the full school and that I need to first get a working handle on the info I already have. I wish that I would of been at this point a year ago, I would be better prepared to accept the additional learning curve and the expense (after placing such a large order).

    God bless you, the work you’ve obviously been called to do and your family & friends.

    • Dr. Patrick Jones says:

      I’m glad your enjoying the information Jeff. My personal opinion is that if you are living right, and prepared to listen, God can pull stuff out of the dusty corners of your brain when you need it. I’d get as much info in there as you can. :0)

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Can you extend the sale on the class until after the round of stimulus checks come, I think they start on January 4. Thank you

  6. Brian McGrane says:

    Doctor Jones, I signed up for the Home Grown Herbalist School of Botanical Medicine, with my son, on 12-31-2020 with the assistance of Barbie, in your office. I am interested to know hen the course will begin. Will I receive another email and link to begin the program?

    • Dr. Patrick Jones says:

      Hi Brian, Enrollments take a little manual human intervention and are generally completed the business day after they are purchased if purchased on a weekend or holiday.
      You will get your set up emails today. :0)


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