Packing For The Holidays? Must Have Holiday Travel Herbs!

The HomeGrown Herbalist Tincture Kit

Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go!

I don’t know what your house is like during the holidays, but the Jones House becomes something akin to Grand Central Station. With 15 kids and about a half a gazillion grandkids (I don’t have the actual number but Grandma does) things can get pretty crazy at our place. But it isn’t just the Joneses. This time of year, people all over the country are loading up their cars or climbing onto airplanes to go and visit loved ones.

One of the side effects of using herbal medicines is that we get accustomed to having the little green rascals close at hand when we need them. There’s nothing worse than being in a hotel room in Cleveland or an airport in Miami and realizing that you’re coming down with something your herbs could easily fix…and then coming to the tragic realization that your herbs are sitting on your kitchen counter back home! Sure you could pop over to the store for an over-the-counter remedy to suppress some of your symptoms but chances are the end cap at the grocery checkout will be pretty devoid of actual remedies that can solve your problem.

Your best bet is to have some herbs with you when you travel. That way, you’ll have your bases covered as needs arise. Have a cold sore starting? Grab the Lemon Balm tincture. Have a bellyache from that great restaurant food? Take some marshmallow and peppermint. Can’t sleep in that lousy hotel room bed? Take a little valerian or chamomile. Think the guy next to you on the airplane looks a little pekid? Take some astragalus, olive leaf or Echinacea to stimulate your immune defenses a bit.

I travel a lot in my efforts to help folks learn about these wonderful plants. When I do I carry a small set of “just in case” herbs that cover most of the bases for what may happen to me on the road. At some point several years ago, I started offering that little collection of road-trip botanical buddies in a Travel & First Aid Kit to my customers in case they had to go somewhere too. It’s been a popular item on our site ever since.

So, if your planning a road trip or other travel this winter to see (or get away from) loved ones for the holidays, have a look at the HomeGrown Herbalist Travel & First Aid Kit to get some ideas on things you might like to have on hand for your trip. Or, just buy one…you probably have enough to think about already. :0)

Happy Travels!

Doc Jones

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