Some Major Herb Companies Are Not Taking Orders!

As one might expect, the Covid-19 coronavirus has people concerned and very interested in herbs that can stimulate immunity or fight the virus directly. As a result, the demand for herbal medicines and other natural health supplements has been historically high in recent weeks.

Many of our nation’s premier herb importers and distribution companies are no longer taking orders due to lack of supply, mandated shut-downs or inadequate staff resources to meet the demand.

A large number of herb species are just gone from the warehouses of distributors and won’t be back until the next growing season. It also is currently almost impossible to purchase amber bottles for tinctures, caps, droppers, labels etc… Much of this material is produced in China and just isn’t available.

So, how is HomeGrown Herbalist faring?

We’re doing well, all things considered.

We saw the writing on the wall early in this outbreak and listened to the quiet voice that seemed to guide our every decision. As a result, shortly after people started coughing in China, we started making respiratory formulas at a scale that made no sense to us at all. We processed mountains of our own homegrown herbs and purchased the other ingredients we needed to make our formulas. But that’s not all, we also purchased the packing materials, shipping boxes, amber bottles, labels and everything else we would require to be prepared to meet the needs of our supporters.

And what happens when the state of Idaho orders “non-essential” businesses to close?

Well, we’re ready for that too. Our entire operation is on rolling shelves and rolling tables that can be loaded into a trailer and taken to my home with an hour’s notice. We will then self-quarantine with a skeleton staff and continue making and shipping herbs to folks that need them until UPS shuts down.

So, if you haven’t ordered your Respiratory Preparedness Kit or your General Stress Kit or if you need to order another one (a two ounce kit will support one adult through one episode of illness), we have them for you.

If you need single herbs, we have those too. In fact we have enough that we’re having a nice sale on single herbs for the next few days. Heck, we’re even having a Cabin Fever sale on The HomeGrown Herbalist School so you and your kids don’t go crazy during the quarantines.

We’re here for you.

Be safe. Be well and Be Happy,

Doc Jones
Update: Ironically, 10 minutes after posting this article, the Governor of Idaho ordered the mandatory closure of all non-essential businesses. So, Yup…We’re loading up the trailer and moving everything to the house. Interesting times. :0)


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