24/7 Travel/Emergency Herb Kit - Large - 24 (1 oz) Tinctures, 7 Small Powders

$ 225.00 $ 345.00

An excellent herb kit for travel or herbal emergencies. All the formulas were formulated by Dr. Patrick Jones. Formulas and Tinctures were made by HomeGrown! Herbalist staff.

Includes laminated instructions on how to use all tinctures and powders.

Buying the elements separately would be quite expensive. These are priced to cover our costs and get them into people's hands. :)

Customization Option:

This kit can be customized to your particular needs or desires. Choose from any of the Dry Herb Powders and Tinctures listed on the site to fill out your kit. Then send us a separate email detailing the changes you want to make. This option does NOT include any consultation. For a personal consultation choose that option from the store Click Here.


The standard kit contains the following 24 (1 oz) Tinctures and 7 Small Powders:

None of the following items or statements are approved by FDA. Consult your physician before taking any supplement. Do not take herbs or tinctures during pregnancy without consulting your healthcare provider.


Adult Dosage: Powder: 1 tsp twice daily. Tinctures 10-30 drops twice daily



Angelica Seed: Diarrhea

Astragalus: Immune stimulant, general tonic, strengthens other herbal actions.

Balsamroot: Immune stimulant, viral or bacterial infections.

Black Cohosh: Pain, muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, menopause symptoms.

Blessed Thistle: Stimulates lactation, supports the liver.

Burdock: Blood purifier, Liver and kidney tonic, eczema, psoriasis, fevers, arthritis.

Chaparral: Blood purifier, cancer, tumors, parasites, antibiotic, diuretic.

Chaste Tree Berry: Low progesterone, PMS, infertility, lactation disorders, menstrual disorders, decreases male libido. Take once daily.

Cleavers: Swollen lymph nodes, bladder infection, liver restorative.

Dandelion Root: Liver and kidney tonic, mild bladder infections, jaundice.

Dong Quai: Regulates female hormones, menstrual cramps, muscle cramps, menopause symptoms.

Gentian: Stomach bitter, sour stomach, indigestion, digestive weakness. Take 1/2 hour before eating.

Gotu Kola: Accelerates healing, stomach ulcers, anti-cancer, improves cognitive functions.

Gravel Root: Kidney and bladder stones, arthritis.

Hawthorn: Heart tonic.

Licorice: Sore Throat, expectorant.

Mullein Leaf: Cough, bronchitis.

Oregon Grape: Antibiotic, liver problems, jaundice, laxative.

Plantain: Infections, venomous bites or stings, edema.

Skullcap: Mild sedative. Anxiety, insomnia. neurological problems, seizures.

St. John’s Wort: Topically or internally for nerve pain. Internally for depression, bi-polar (combine with lemon balm). Anti-viral if taken internally. Bronchitis.

Turmeric: Liver problems, high cholesterol, PMS, menstrual cramps, gallstones, digestive disorders.

Uva Ursi: Bladder infections.

Yellow Dock: Eczema, psoriasis, liver problems, laxative.



Bleeding: Supports normal processes for maintaining normal vascular integrity.

Digestive: Any digestive system issue.

Joint: Pain or inflammation anywhere, particularly good for sore joints.

Kidney & Bladder: Any bladder or kidney issue.

Poultice: Mix with water and apply to wounds.

Shoo Floo: Good for any infectious disease, particularly good for respiratory illnesses.

Venom & Sting: Make a poultice with. Apply to hobo/recluse/rattlesnake bites. Also take internally every 3 hours.

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