Ammo Can Wound & Suture Kit

$ 195.00 $ 315.00

This kit contains herbal preparations and surgical instruments helpful in wound management.  All the formulas were formulated by Dr. Patrick Jones. Formulas and Tinctures were made by HomeGrown! Herbalist staff.

Includes laminated instructions on how to use all tinctures and powders.

Buying the elements separately would be quite expensive. These are priced to cover our costs and get them into people's hands.

The kit contains the following:

Large Poultice, Small Bleeding and Small Irrigation Tea formulas

1oz. tinctures (Bleeding, Bone/Tissue/Cartilage, Cayenne, Immunity, INFXN - BugBuster, Rest Easy, Venom & Sting, Willow Bark)

Instruments (Needle Driver, Thumb Forceps, Straight Hemostat (2),Curved Hemostat (2), Mayo Scissor), Supplies (Sterile gloves, Sterile sponges, 1" tape, Sterile drape, Vet wrap, 3-0 Maxon Suture (2), 0 Maxon Suture (2))

None of these items or statements are approved by FDA. Consult your physician before taking any supplement. Do not take herbs or tinctures during pregnancy without consulting your healthcare provider.

Ownership of this kit does not constitute having a license to practice medicine or surgery. 

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