12/12 Travel/Emergency Herb Kit - 12 (1 oz) Tinctures, 12 Small Powders

$ 150.00 $ 300.00

An excellent herb kit for travel or herbal emergencies. All the formulas were formulated by Dr. Patrick Jones. Formulas and Tinctures were made by HomeGrown! Herbalist staff.

Includes laminated instructions on how to use all tinctures and powders.

Buying the elements separately would be quite expensive. These are priced to cover our costs and get them into people's hands. :)


The standard kit contains the following 12 (1 oz) Tinctures and 12 Small Powders:

None of the following items or statements are approved by FDA. Consult your physician before taking any supplement. Do not take herbs or tinctures during pregnancy without consulting your healthcare provider.


Adult Dosage: Powder: 1 tsp twice daily. Tinctures 10-30 drops twice daily



Angelica Seed: Diarrhea

Ashwangandha: Energizing and stimulating to all systems. Stimulates immunity. Minimizes damage from strokes and other brain injury.

Brigham Tea: Antihistamine for cold or allergy symptoms, asthma.

Cayenne: Shock, heart attack, bleeding, high blood pressure.

Chamomile: Insomnia, pain, menstrual cramps, gastro-intestinal problems.

Cherry Bark: Cough, bronchitis.

Cloves: Topically for tooth pain

Echinacea: Immune stimulant for any illness. Internally for venomous bites.

Lemon Balm: Topically for cold sores. Internally for insomnia, anxiety.

Lobelia: Asthma. muscle spasms. Induces vomiting at higher doses.

Valerian: Anxiety, panic or insomnia. Pain

Willow: Use as aspirin for pain or fever.



Bleeding: Supports normal processes for maintaining normal vascular integrity.

Calendula: Ulcers, menstrual cramps, infections, wounds, inflammation (internally or topically)

Digestive: Any digestive system issue.

Joint Support: Pain or inflammation anywhere, particularly good for sore joints.

Female-Cramp Bark Plus: Menstrual cramps   Suggested Dosage: 1 tsp in juice or as tea every 20 minutes as needed for pain. Don’t exceed 6 doses/day

Kidney & Bladder: Any bladder or kidney issue.

Liver: Jaundice, liver issues, and general infections.

Marshmallow: Topically for wounds or burns. Internally for bladder infections, irritated bronchi, sore throat, mouth sores, irritated stomach or bowels.

Parsley Leaf: Stomachache, bladder infections, kidney stones, lung congestion.

Poultice: Mix with water and apply to wounds.

Shoo Floo: Good for any infectious disease, particularly good for respiratory illnesses.

Venom & Sting: Make a poultice with. Apply to hobo/recluse/rattlesnake bites. Also take internally every 3 hours.

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