About Us

(Dr. Patrick Jones & Carl The Herb Hound)




I'm Dr. Patrick Jones.  
I'm  a practicing veterinarian and own and operates Fairview Animal Hospital in Buhl, ID.


I also practice as a clinical herbalist (for man and beast).
For many years, I've seen the power of herbs bless the lives of my veterinary patients and human clients.
As a result, I have a passion for herbal medicine and an evangelical zeal to teach others about these wonderful plants.
This passion has given rise to HomeGrown Herbalist, LLC a company dedicated to teaching others the principles of botanical medicine so they can be more self-sufficient and have a better quality of life.


I do a lot of lecturing, workshops and herb walks to help people roll up their sleeves and get beyond the theoretical and into real applications. 
The culmination of this passion for teaching others is the



I am also the corporate veterinarian for Silver Lining Herbs and do product formulation and provide technical and customer support for the company. 


My dear wife Lori and I are the parents 15 children and grandparents of 7 grandchildren. We live in Buhl, Idaho.
On our 2 acre property we grow and process over 80 different medicinal plants. 


If you're ever in the area, give us a holler.  
We'll have a putter through the garden together. :)
Phone: 208-410-2381


(The Jones Clan Under The Hawthorne Tree)